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Playlist for Program: The Rhythm Section 
Date: 3/12/2018  7:30 PM - 9:00 PM
Host: Nadia (Nadia@wnyu.org) 
Artist "Track" Release (Label) FORMAT Year Released [Keys]
Keys: [N]=New Release; [C]=Compilation, [S]=Soundtrack, [SR]-Split Release
1.   Positive Funk "We Got The Funk - 12" Version" We Got The Funk (Turbo Records) 12" 1979
2.   20th Century Steel Band "Heaven And Hell Is On Earth" Heaven And Hell Is On Earth (United Artists Records) 7" 1975
3.   Wendy Rene "After Laughter (Comes Tears)" After Laughter (Stax) 7" 1964
4.   Stargard "High On the Boogie" High On the Boogie (Warner Bros. Records) 7" 1981
5.   Brides of Funkenstein "Disco to Go" Disco to Go (Atlantic) 7" 1978
6.   Odyssey "Native New York - 12"" Native New Yorker (RCA) 12" 1977
7.   Undisputed Truth "Let's Go Down To The Disco" lets go down tot he disco (Whitfield Records) 12" 1976
8.   Rose Royce "Is It Love You're After" Is It Love You're After (Whitfield Records) 12" 1979
9.   The Drifters "You Got to Pay Your Dues" You Got To Pay Your Dues (Atlantic) 7" 1970
10.   The Invisible Man's Band "All Night Thing" All Night Thing (Mango) 12" 1979
11.   Lime "Your Love - Radio Edit" Your Love (Prism) 12" 1980
12.   Miami "Hey Y'all We're Miami" Hey Y'all We're In Miami (Drive) 7" 1975
13.   Slave "Just A Touch Of Love" Just A Touch of Love (Cotillion) LP 1979
Keys: [N]=New Release; [C]=Compilation, [S]=Soundtrack, [SR]-Split Release