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Playlist for Program: New Afternoon Show 
Date: 2/12/2018  4:00 PM - 7:00 PM
Host: Nesma (nesma@wnyu.org) 
Artist "Track" Release (Label) FORMAT Year Released [Keys]
Keys: [N]=New Release; [C]=Compilation, [S]=Soundtrack, [SR]-Split Release
1.   Jun Fukamachi "Nile Blue" Nicole (1986 Spring and Summer Collection - Instrumental Images) (WRWTFWW Records) CD
2.   Pia Fraus "Mountain Trip Guide" Mountain Trip (Seksound) CD
3.   holy motors "Silently for Me" Slow Sundown (Wharf Cat Records) CD 2018
4.   Ibon Errazkin "El Cuerpo" (Elefant) CD
5.   Palm "Forced Hand" Rock Island (Carpark Records) CD 2018
6.   Niko Karlsson "Unen Oma" Valosta Valoon (Feeding Tube Records) CD
7.   Heathered Pearls "Mack & Bellevue" Detroit, MI 1997-2001 (Ghostly International) CD
8.   Los Punsetes "Movil de Dios" Tu Puto Grupo (Mushroom Pillow) CD
9.   Kenji Kawai "Making of Cyborg" Ghost in the Shell (WRWTFWW Records) CD
10.   Patsy Cline "Crazy" Patsy Cline Showcase with the Jordanaires (MCA Records) CD 1988
11.   Anna Meredith "Calion" (Moshi Moshi Records) CD
12.   Tether "Already Know" Tether (Hot Releases) CD
13.   Nadah El Shazly "Barzakh" Ahwar (Nawa Recordings) CD
14.   Ava Rocha "Uma" Ava Patrya Yndia Yracema CD
15.   Tori Kudo "2013/03/13_19:40:02" GALA-KEI (Bruit Direct Disques) CD
16.   Erica Eso "Gun-metal Grey" (NNA Tapes) CD
17.   Wooing "Daydream Time Machine" Tear World (Ba Da Bing!) CD
18.   Medicine "Close-Up of a Family's Dream" 2.0 Extraneous (Brad Laner) CD
19.   The Pattern Forms "Daylight" Peel Away the Ivy (Ghost Box) CD
20.   Bjork "Hyperballad" Post CD 1995
21.   Pendant "Make me Know You Sweet" (West Mineral) CD
22.   Dos Attack, Legowelt "Flue - Original Mix" Alien Abduction / Flue (Riverette) CD
23.   Patricia Marx "Nu (Instrumental)" Patricia Marx (Trama) CD 2004
24.   Dada Ques "Breath" 1 (ANWO Records) CD
25.   Marina Rosenfeld "Mi Osito Pin Pon" Virulin -canciones para chiquitos- (731304 Records) CD
Keys: [N]=New Release; [C]=Compilation, [S]=Soundtrack, [SR]-Split Release