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Playlist for Program: New New York 3K 
Date: 11/14/2017  1:00 AM - 3:00 AM
Host: Nathan (nathanmierski@wnyu.org) 
Hot Beefy McD, Cool Crisp T
Artist "Track" Release (Label) FORMAT Year Released [Keys]
Keys: [N]=New Release; [C]=Compilation, [S]=Soundtrack, [SR]-Split Release
1.   dan deacon "USA: II. The Great American Desert" America (Domino) MP3 2012
2.   minddrive "smile again" midnight summit (Botanica1) MP3 2017
3.   Wet Bales "Girl" Youth Attraction (Stratford Court) MP3 2015
4.   Baiyun "Erect Mammary" Industrialism (antifur) CD 2017 [N]
5.   Computer Graphics "Another Day" Lo-Fi (Dream Catalogue) MP3 2017
6.   Fluids "Lonely Dub" Fluid (PRISON TAPES) MP3 2016
7.   air jordans "Bliss" air jordans (BOGUS COLLECTIVE) MP3 2017 [N]
8.   Death Cab For Cutie "What Sarah Said" Plans (Atlantic) MP3 2005
9.   DJ Alan "House" State of Confusion (antifur) MP3 2017
10.   Informatics "Relief" Corruption. (Botanica1) MP3 2017
11.   Sour Gout "4th Stage" Transformations (Asura Revolver) MP3 2017
12.   VHS MIDNIGHT STYLE "New Millenium" New Pharma. New VIsion (Asura Revolver) MP3 2017
13.   Hawaii94 "Finally" Evolve (Stratford Court) MP3 2017
14.   Buried Angel "Tsunami Dance" Sleep Tsunami (Dream Catalogue) MP3 2017
15.   Savion Horne "Origami Sunrise" Winter Park (NATTYMARI) MP3 2017
16.   skymning "I'm Up" Nestled Between Vast Depressions (PRISON TAPES) MP3 2017
17.   skyline divine "the night before (nyctophobia)" sknyctophobia (BOGUS COLLECTIVE) MP3 2017
18.   Castel "Transcended" Astral Portal (Asura Revolver) MP3 2017
19.   Kate Bush "Running Up That Hill (A Deal With God)" Hounds of Love (EMI) MP3 1985
20.   VentureX "You Know" Discotheque (Stratford Court) MP3 2015
21.   ADHD 10 "no stoppin' us" ADHD NFL BLITZ (BOGUS COLLECTIVE) MP3 2017
22.   Bob Genghis Khan "BearShare it is then" Lars vs Napster (BOGUS COLLECTIVE) MP3 2017
Keys: [N]=New Release; [C]=Compilation, [S]=Soundtrack, [SR]-Split Release