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Playlist for Program: Smart Moves for the Stiff Mind 
Date: 9/13/2017  11:00 PM - 1:00 AM
Host: Joyce (joyce@wnyu.org) 

First show, new time slot, same ol' name since the day I started.
Expect some ambient, experimental, synth-y, dance-y, and darker sounds for today.
Artist "Track" Release (Label) FORMAT Year Released [Keys]
Keys: [N]=New Release; [C]=Compilation, [S]=Soundtrack, [SR]-Split Release
1.   Jessica Moss "Entire Populations, Pt. IV" Pools of Light (Constellation) CD 2017
2.   Claude Speeed "Prove You Exist" My Skeleton (LuckyMe Records) CD 2014
3.   Charlotte Adigery "Le froid" Charlotte Adigery (DeeWee) CD 2017
4.   MAINE "Saint-Michel" III (Editions Montmartre) CD 2015
5.   Pye Corner Audio "Octal Run" Half-Light (More Than Human) CD 2017
6.   Mondowski "Surfin Hell" Surfin Hell (Relish) CD 2017
7.   Nadia Struiwigh "010101" CD
8.   Strapontin "First Fight" French Meat (Nein Records) CD 2017
9.   Earlham Mystics "Stolen Hearts" Truth EP (NOTOWN Recordings) CD 2017
10.   Not Waving "24" Animals (album) (Diagonal Records) CD 2017
11.   Permanent Wave "Everything Is Changing" Last Wave - Single (Nein Records) CD 2017
12.   Smerz "Craig" Okey (XL Recordings) CD 2016
13.   Crytolect "Nails Deep" The Marrow in My Bone - EP (UNO NYC) CD 2017
14.   Marnyc "Amount" Pulsed - Single (Wunderblock Records) CD 2017
15.   Hyetal "Beach Scene" Broadcast (Black Acre) CD 2011
16.   Invisible "Life's Dancers - Floating Points Remix" single (Ninja Tune) CD 2016
17.   Moon Ate the Dark "Ventricles" Moon Ate the Dark (Sonic Pieces) CD 2015
18.   Khotin "Hello World" Hello World (1080p) CD 2014
19.   Redinho "Shem" Redinho (Numbers) CD 2014
20.   Lung Dart "Healthy Functional Tissue" As I Lay Dying (Prah Recordings) CD 2026
Keys: [N]=New Release; [C]=Compilation, [S]=Soundtrack, [SR]-Split Release