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Playlist for Program: New Afternoon Show 
Date: 3/20/2017  4:00 PM - 7:00 PM
Host: Jonathan (jonathanm@wnyu.org) 
Artist "Track" Release (Label) FORMAT Year Released [Keys]
Keys: [N]=New Release; [C]=Compilation, [S]=Soundtrack, [SR]-Split Release
1.   '82 Crowd of People "You're Outside, Completely Fried" '82 Crowd of People (ample play records) MP3
2.   Sin Motivo "El Desierto" EL DESIERTO MP3
3.   Elliot Smith "I Figured You Out" Either?/?Or: Expanded Edition (Kill Rock Stars) CD 2017
4.   Ade Hodges "Moloch" Moloch CD
5.   Mount Eerie "Real Death" A Crow Looked At Me (P.W. Elverum & Sun) CD 2017
6.   Adult Mom "Full Screen" Soft Spots (Tiny Engines) MP3
7.   Safe "Moscow Olympics" Safe CD
8.   Water From Your Eyes "Can't/Won't" Water From Your Eyes (Grandpa Bay) MP3
9.   Yuki Kikuchi "You Wanna Get High (demo)" You Wanna Get High (demo) CD
10.   Ex-Pat "I Only Have Eyes For You" I Only Have Eyes For You CD
11.   Matt Chamberlain, Viktor Krauss, and Dan Phelps "Hollow Earth" MODULAR MP3
Keys: [N]=New Release; [C]=Compilation, [S]=Soundtrack, [SR]-Split Release