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Playlist for Program: Crucial Chaos 
Date: 8/2/2018  9:00 PM - 10:30 PM
Host: Katie (katiea@wnyu.org) 
Neckbeards go crucial-- with an *industrial* twist
Artist "Track" Release (Label) FORMAT Year Released [Keys]
Keys: [N]=New Release; [C]=Compilation, [S]=Soundtrack, [SR]-Split Release
1.   Palm "Walkie Talkie" Shadow Expert (Carpark Records) MP3 2017
2.   Nots "Decadence" We Are Nots (Goner Records) MP3 2014
3.   MOURN "Skeleton" Sorpresa Familia (Captured Tracks) MP3 2018
4.   Goat Girl "Country Sleaze" Country Sleaze (Rough Trade Records Ltd.) MP3 2016
5.   Negative Scanner "Nose Picker" Nose Picker (Trouble In Mind Records, LLC) MP3 2018
6.   Belgrado "Pasaz" Obraz (La Vida Es Un Mus) MP3 2016
7.   Feature "Psalms" Banishing Ritual (Upset the Rythm) MP3 2017
8.   Warm Bodies "Something Weird Is Eating Me" Warm Bodies (Lumpy Records) MP3 2018
9.   The Mink Lungs "X-Ray Gun" I'll Take It (Arrco) MP3 2003
10.   Title Fight "Secret Society" Floral Green (SideoneDummy Records) MP3 2012
11.   Urochromes and Boy Harsher "Night Bully (Boy Harsher Alternate Remix) [Digital Bonus Track]" Night Bully - EP (Wharf Cat Records) MP3 2017
12.   Utro "Hubris" First Album (Talitres) MP3 2018 [N]
13.   Crass "Nagaski Nightmare" Best Before 1984 (Crass Records) MP3 2018 [C] [N]
14.   Controlled Bleeding "Carving Song" Larva Lumps and Baby Bumps (Storming the Base) MP3 2016
15.   Booji Boys "I Dream of Booji" Demo 2016 (919394 Records DK) MP3 2016
16.   GØGGS "She Got Harder" She Got Harder (In The Red Records) MP3 2016
17.   Electro Hippies "Meltdown - If Killing Babies is Tight... Killing Babies For Profit Is Tighter Second Demo" Deception of the Instigator of Tomorrow: Collected Works 1985-1987 (Boss Tuneage) MP3 2018
18.   Zig Zags "Psychomania" Zig Zags (In The Red Records) MP3 2014
19.   Hot Lunch "Killer Smile" Hot Lunch (Deluxe Edition) (Tee Pee Records) MP3 2013
20.   Human Tetris "Long Flight" Memorabilia (Human Tetris) MP3 2018
21.   Test Dept "Fist" The Unacceptable Face of Freedom (Some Bizarre) MP3 2007
22.   Pharmakon "Vaccuum" Bestial Burden (Sacred Bones Records) MP3 2014
23.   Shortparis "Do not sit at home" Tyty (Self-Released) MP3 2017
24.   Neckbeard Deathcamp "Cucked" White Nationalism Is for Basement Dwelling Losers (Neckbeard Deathcamp) MP3 2018 [N]
25.   Heresy "Never Healed" 1985-1987 (Boss Tuneage Ltd) MP3 2006 [C]
26.   The Apostles "Libertarian Youth" Mortarhate - A Compilation of Deleted Dialogue - The Singles (Mortarhate) MP3 1998 [C]
27.   Uniform and The Body "In My Skin" Mental Wounds Not Healing (Sacred Bones Records) CD 2018
28.   Crucifix "Permanently Damaged" Exhibit A (Kustomized) MP3 1997
29.   Nurse With Wound "Two Mock Projections" Chance Meeting (Reissue/Special Edition) (United Jnana) MP3 2010
30.   Perverts Again "Two-A-Days" Friday Night Light (Total Punk) MP3 2018 [N]
31.   Circulatory System "Yesterday's World" Circulatory System (Cloud Recordings) MP3 2003
Keys: [N]=New Release; [C]=Compilation, [S]=Soundtrack, [SR]-Split Release